Confidentiality and Privacy

The information shared at HPS remains between the client and the HPS team. HPS adheres to the many governing laws set out to protect the privacy of clients.
These laws are set during and after office hours. Please note that if clients see staff in the community outside of a scheduled appointment, staff will not initiate contact unless the client makes contact first.

There are times when staff are required to share personal health information without client permission. These situations occur when there is a threat identified to the client or others. Examples are:

  • If staff have reason to believe that a client is at risk of harming or killing him/her self or others, staff must notify others (i.e. the police, loved ones, other professionals) to ensure safety.
  • If staff are informed that a child under the age of 16 is at risk of being harmed or abused, staff must report the information to Child Protection Services or the police.
  • Health professionals are required to report other healthcare professionals who have sexually abused patients. 
  • Medical Doctors are required to report medical and psychiatric conditions that may cause people to be unable to operate and control a vehicle to the Ministry of Transportation.